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A guide to finding the best wines and where to buy them from.

Wine advice

I sought wine advice from the guardian's wine critic, who runs a site called  Here you can search over his reviews of wines for the top rated wine of the type you want.

I was researching sparkling wines and champagnes for my wedding, and bookmarked this search which lists his top rated sparkling wines and champagnes under £30.  I did some searching to find the top rated wines locally, but found that only Majestic wine stocked the wine (Cloudy Bay Pelorus), and I would need to buy at least 12 bottles of wine.  Not being a big wine drinker I ordered two test bottles from Wine and, after enjoying them I went ahead and bought 18 bottles for the big day.

For a red-loving Spanish friend I looked for the best red from his home country (the best Spanish Reds under £10), found some well priced wines at Waitrose, who have a branch locally and bought them there.

Where to buy

You can try comparison sites, who may well list wine retailers and their products:

You can also try other sites on the UK Price Comparison page.

Wine retailers

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