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Price comparisons of LCD TVs and Plasma TVs. TV reviews and retailers.

TV comparisons

Kelkoo has categories for LCD TVs and Plasma TVs that compares prices from many merchants and are browsable by brand, capacity and price.

Top TVs

Remember to reorder the results by total cost.

TV reviews

Amongst the most useful sources of information on TVs are review sites.

LCD or Plasma TV?


Check out the size of your flat screen TV in your home before you install it - find the dimensions online, and mark it out on the wall or place a picture that is roughly the right size where the TV will be.  Go and view the TV at your local department store to see if the TV's finish is to your satisfaction.  Think about where you might put speakers if you want surround sound.


Plasma screens tend to have a greater contrast than LCD screens - pixels on plasmas fire up individually.  LCDs have a backlight that the individual pixels block - the pixels aren't totally effective at blocking the light, so some light does break through, meaning that the screens have difficulties representing blacks effectively, instead displaying greys.  Newer LCDs dim their backlight for dark scenes, so the whole scene can be darker, with better blacks and dark colours.

Motion blur and LCD TVs:

Modern LCD TVs tend to suffer from motion blur less than older LCD TVs, newer technologies, including faster refresh rates allow LCD pixels to respond more quickly to changing images.  Compare plasmas and LCDs side-by-side in your local department store.


At smaller sizes, plasmas tend to have fewer pixels, and a lower resolution than LCD TVs.


Plasma TVs are only available in larger sizes (37 inches and above), and are cheaper at the larger sizes - around 50 inches.  LCDs are available in many sizes up to around 52 inches.

Freeview or Freeview HD?

Freeview HD TVs currently command a large price premium over regular Freeview TVs.  Boxes are available to bring HD to 'legacy' Freeview TVs.  In time Freeview TVs will be superseded by Freeview HD TVs.  In the long term (10+ years?) Freeview TVs may see a dramatically decreased number of channels as more channels move to the more efficient H.264 encoding supported by Freeview HD, which halves broadcast bandwidth and thus cost of channels.  Advice on digital TVs is available from

TV retailers

Be aware that extended warranties can be where retailers make most of their money and don't be pushed into buying any unnecessary warranties.  TVs are very durable and should last several years.

TV Manufacturers - check the energy consumption of your white goods, consumer goods or computers.

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