Selling and Recycling
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Selling and Recycling

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Selling and Recycling
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Selling and Recycling goods

When you have finished with your purchase, you may want to sell your item, recycle it or even give it away.  There are a number of ways to sell or give away your item online and of course offline.

  1. Sell it second hand on or on other classified sites.

    • If it's a mobile phone, you can sell it to a mobile phone buying site (best for newer phones), see the mobile phones page.

    • If it's an ink cartridge you can "sell" it to a cartridge site, such as  You could also refill it.

  2. Sell on an auction site like eBay (CQout, ebid UK, Hunt for it  or see the Google directory - UK Auctions).

  3. Give it to charity

  4. Give it to someone in your area using Freecycle.

  5. Disposing of electronic equipment

    With the advent of WEEE (the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive), electronic equipment should be disposed of at your local DCF (Designated Collection Facility).  To find your nearest DCF, use


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