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searches on this page include advert links

Searches for electronic and electrical goods, including DVD Recorders, set top boxes and DVD players.

Price comparison searches for DVD Recorders and Set Top Boxes with built-in hard disks (on Kelkoo.co.uk)

Digital video recorders should mean no loss of quality when recording.  Models with two tuners mean you can record one channel whilst watching another channel.

  • This search will find you set top boxes with a hard drive (hard disk) to record programs onto (usually including FreeView access).  "Freeview PVR" to finds Freeview recorders that also contain the word PVR.
  • Set-top-box models with hard drives:

Always reorder by total price to see the cheapest deals.

If you have a store locally, Richer Sounds do cheap basic DVD Players (and other bits).  Check out their web prices and quote them in the store, otherwise you'll pay more.

PVR and DVD Recorder reviews

CNet's DVD Recorder and PVR round-up

Audio Visual Discussion Forums

AVForums.com  - UK consumer audio visual forum
AVSForum.com - large US audio visual forum

Digital Cameras, Memory, MP3 Players and TVs

Also, see the pages on:

DAB separates on Kelkoo (tuners and receivers).

You can also find kitchen appliances such as Chrome Toasters on Kelkoo.

www.sust-it.net - check the energy consumption of your white goods, consumer goods or computers.

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