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Promoting your website by using directories and search engines.

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There are a number of ways to increase the numbers of visitors to a site, attracting more visitors from search engines is one of the cheapest ways.  After registering your site with search engines, try to tweak your site to make your site more palatable to them.

To submit your site to search engines, you enter information about your site into forms on search engine sites. Alternatively you may have to find a place in their directory (e.g. suitable for your site and then ask them to add a link to your page there.

I like Brett Tabke's article Successful Site in 12 months with Google Alone as a concise list of what to do to make Google like you (this also works somewhat for other search engines.

  • Suggest your site to the major directories

    The directories that count:

    • - used by Google, AOL, Netscape and others when calculating search results. There is also a forum covering submission, becoming an editor and other issues.

    • - used by the Yahoo search engine when calculating search results (payment is required for commercial listings).

    Take your time and find the right category(s) for your site. Don't over submit though otherwise you or your site may be blacklisted.


  • Submit to many search engines at once

    Pages that allow you to submit your site to many search engines at once. The major search engines (see below) are the important ones, others you can safely ignore.

    • - my favourite, though it requires registration. Offers one month trial usage before you have to re-register ($10 buys you 1 year of use).

    See also's list of free submission services(Google version)


  • Links to the major search engines

    Here are links to the add pages of the major search engines. You should add your site to all of the search engines for best effect.

    Pay for inclusion, keyword buying: - contains detailed, useful advice on submission.  She suggests that some pay for inclusion directories may be worth paying for.


  • Sites about promotion and site creation:

    Resources for promotion and site creation.


  • Want to know what words people are searching for (so you can alter your keywords)?

    Alter your site to attract more visitors from the search engines and paid keywords by knowing what words people type into the search engines.


  • Learning from the server logs

    See how your visitors are using your site.  Until you look at your logs, you really have no idea what your visitors are looking for when they come to your site.  Your logs are a goldmine of information for expanding your site's content and really satisfying your readership.

    • Philip Greenspun's "Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing: Chapter 9: User tracking"

The page on adverts has information on the adverts used on this site to fund the hosting.

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