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UK Online shops selling PC hardware.

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A list of the more reputable UK PC hardware and system retailers.  See also the UK price comparison sites page.

  • (now part of BT)

    Dabs offer reasonable customer service and a slowish website, but good prices. Includes a very useful price comparison feature in their search. Make sure you product is in stock before buying, otherwise you may be in for quite some wait.



    Largish company with offices in the US and UK.  Good value retailer, have had problems with their own brand RAM though.



    Insight offer a wide selection of products with free delivery.


  • Dell Computers

    The largest computer manufacturer on the planet.  Offers some really cheap low-end PCs with Windows, partly as they have the clout to buy Windows and Office from Microsoft in bulk.  So, ideal for a gift to get your relatives online.  You may want to buy any easy-to-fit accessories that you need from other suppliers (extra RAM, DVD drives, hard disks etc.), as they are overpriced from Dell.  They have regular offers on extra RAM, hard disks and free printers.  Different parts of the Dell site are offering different discounts at any one time, so the Home section has different offers to the more price-oriented Small and Medium Business section, one section may be offering double RAM which would otherwise cost you £100 in another section etc..

    Dell Outlet - the pitfalls and opportunities

    Dell Outlet is set up to sell returned products  that they can't sell as new at cut-down prices.  What it doesn't include is the regular freebies that Dell throws in with their new computers.  So make sure your computer is heavily discounted as you'll be having to add on VAT and delivery, and possibly missing out on offers like free RAM and printers (which you would get with their new computers).  Offers from the Dell outlet are cheaper at times of low demand (late evenings and night time).  View prices at different times to see the differing discounts at different times. The list of offers are regularly replenished, so if you don't see any computer offers, try back an hour later (bookmark the page first though!).


  • Mesh Computers

    Provide a line of well-reviewed own-brand PCs.  I have bought a PC from them myself, which has worked very well so far.  Previously I advised two of my friends to buy from them, one had a defective motherboard, which was replaced.  The other has had no problems with his machine.



    Take a look at their daily offers (the "today only" link).


  • Morgan Computers

    Sellers of refurbished PCs, Laptops, printers and screens.



    This company's main focus is their own-brand PCs.

Other PC shops

Computer merchants reviews:

Other lists of computer hardware shops's Computer Sales and Services.

Price Comparison searches

UK PC Price comparison sites are listed on the price comparison page.

Not sure what specification computer do you need? See the choosing computer hardware page.

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