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Computer hardware sites.

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The best computer hardware advice sites are the larger sites.  They manage to review more hardware, and are sent the latest equipment by manufacturers.  They have staff to write regular article son what to buy and how much to spend:

  • Tom's Hardware guide

    Tom reviews CPUs, motherboards, video cards and memory. He has a large selection of old reviews and is up to date with the facts, pointing out underwhelming hardware wherever he finds it.



    Anand reviews a large variety of hardware, in-depth analysis of the latest chips, motherboards and other hardware. He also has regular "low-end" and "high-end" Buyer's Guides, both for business users and gamers.


  • Other hardware sites


  • My advice on buying PC Hardware.

    Tom's Hardware gives advice on CPUs, video cards and SSDs (storage), mostly aimed at gamers.  But business/serious users may want to take their advice (with low-end or built-in graphics options offered by modern Intel and AMD chips).

    If you have a monitor from an old machine, you may want to consider buying just a base unit (a computer with no monitor).  However, the same machine with a new monitor might cost very little more (meaning that you could go dual-screen or give away your old monitor).


  • Refurbished PCs

    Sometimes buying refurbished PCs makes sense for users with less challenging requirements.  For a desktop buy a modern-ish CPU (a 2nd or later generation Core i3 or i5 for a desktop) and add a separately purchased SSD.  Equally a high-end i7 secondhand laptop might work well with an SSD.


  • Compare prices

    There are UK comparison searches in:

The price comparison websites page has a section on PCs for sites where you can compare hardware prices.


The page on buying computers has links to computer retailers.

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