Wireless Networking
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Wireless Networking

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Wireless Networking
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Wireless networking prices (comparisons on Kelkoo UK)

Searches for home networking products, including wireless routers (802.11g/54Mbps and above), micro filters, wireless PCI adapters, wireless PC cards and ethernet ADSL modems (useful for connecting broadband to an existing router).

Wireless networking routers and adapters

Always reorder by total price to see the cheapest deals.

As of Nov 2007, a 54Mbps (802.11g) wireless router can be bought for 35UKP including P&P and a 54Mbps wireless PCI card for 17UKP or a PC Card for 22UKP.

Homeplug/Powerline networking using the mains

A simpler, more reliable, faster alternative to wireless networking is using the mains cables in your house to transfer data.  It doesn't require any additional wiring, just the purchase of two small adapters that plug straight into your wall sockets.  You'll need at least two adapters - one for each item you want to connect to the network.  Powerline transmission has one dominant standard - Homeplug AV, competing with a number of smaller standards.

Always reorder by total price to see the cheapest deals.

ADSL broadband hardware

  • ADSL microfilters are necessary for broadband users to fit to their telephone sockets and cost as little as £4.

  • ADSL modems/routers allow ADSL broadband to be shared with multiple devices (often wirelessly).

  • ADSL ethernet modems allow ADSL broadband to be fed to a router (useful if you already have a wireless or ethernet router).

Don't forget to reorder by total price to see the cheapest deals.

Documentation on routred and adapters be found on manufacturer sites, such as 3Com, Belkin, Buffalo, D-Link, Linksys and Netgear

The Computing page lists more computer component and peripheral price comparisons.

The UK Broadband Internet page lists broadband providers.

The Home Networking page has advice on how to fit your wireless networking equipment.

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