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Home Networking
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A listing of home networking/connection sharing how-tos, security software links and dynamic DNS and email forwarding providers.

See Wireless Networking for price comparisons of ADSL modems, routers and wireless networking products, including micro filters, wireless adapters and combination modems and routers.  Many of the discussion sites listed on unmetered broadband access include relevant how-tos and discussions.

    Top Broadband ISPs by subscriber numbers:
  • Home network/connection sharing how-tos

    There are many cable modem FAQs/HOW-TOs on the web, Google throws up a few when searching for cable modem connection sharing and cable modem sharing and ADSL connection sharing).


  • UK based connection sharing how-tos

    These were found via Google, searched for uk cable modem networking and uk ADSL connection sharing.


  • Wireless Networking contains prices of ADSL modems, routers and wireless networking products, including micro filters, wireless adapters and combination modems and routers.


  • Dynamic DNS

    • dns2go.com ("will make your computer accessible anytime, anywhere by associating a domain name of your choice to your currently assigned IP address").

    Dmoz has a section on Dynamic DNS Services.


  • Securing your Windows PC whilst on the internet.

    The "Shields Up!" test of home computer security. - grc.com.

    Zonelabs.com offer a free version of their personal firewall Zonealarm.

    Agnitum.com's Outpost firewall is free for personal use.

    Firewall alternatives:

    Grisoft.com offer a free version of their anti-virus software (AVG Antivirus) for non-commercial use.

    Other anti-virus alternatives:

    It's essential to run both anti-virus and firewall software whilst connected to the internet.


  • Fast ftp over broadband

    Speedbit from Speedbit.com makes more than one connection to the server to download a single file (as well as a resume download feature).


  • Email forwarding and POP3

    If you want to have a permanent email address that you pick up via your email client, you may want look at the free email services listed in Dmoz's free email category and the email forwarding and POP3 subcategories.


  • Reducing spam using Google Mail

    If you use POP3 to pick up your mail, you can access your mail via Google Mail, which has a very good spam filter.  It is very useful if you receive a lot of spam, however, it can be overzealous in identifying mails as spam, so check your spam folders periodically.

    You can configure Google Mail so that it picks up your POP3 mail if you provide it with a username and password.  The settings are under Settings->Accounts->Get mail from other accounts.  POP3 mail is picked up every hour, or more regularly (about every 3/4 minutes) if you are logged in to Google Mail.

    You can also pick up your mail from Google Mail via POP3 so you don't have to use the Google Mail interface.  Unfortunately, Google only picks up POP3 mail from other accounts every hour if you aren't logged in, so you are likely to miss any recent mails.  However this is a reasonable restriction if you have an account that is overrun with spam.

My page on Wireless Networking has comparison links for networking hardware.  You may want to try my pages on price comparison websites or UK unmetered internet access providers.

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