Interesting Sites from 2001
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Interesting sites from 2001.

Creating Websites
Interesting Sites from 2002
Interesting Sites from 2001
Interesting Sites from 2000
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Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
Prefab Sprout
Wedding Planning

Many, many sites, many courtesy of Need to Know, The Register, also Techdirt and the Arts and Letters Daily.

Archive of interesting sites from the year 2001 in descending date order.

Sun, 16 Dec 2001

Google's view of the World Trade Center on September 11th.

Google's Usenet timeline

Appeasing the gods of venture capital.

Oozak plays the classics 

Sat, 8 Nov 2001

Laser puzzles

Webvan's amusing assets being sold off cheap

Thu, 6 Nov 2001

Slime volleyball.

Cow clicks

Lego does the Bible - still waiting for the Torah and the Koran.

Stormfront supremacists slightly peeved

Despite the hype, rocket actually works.
And Dabs crows.

"Look at my head" says German finance minister. [image at top of page]

Enron's mysterious charges bring company to the brink.

Richard Garriot discusses developments in multi-player online gaming.

Why Paypal is still around

Mon, 29 Oct 2001

Images of websites long since dead

Businesses eager to leave Empire State building

DABS proudly sponsoring "suicidal" private manned rocket plans: - "the Thunderbird capsule is actually a converted cement mixer"

Fri, 19 Oct 2001

Make A Shorter Link - makes a shorter link from a longer link by creating a redirect page for it.

Wind-up radio inventor expresses wishes "I only hope it is not used for evil."

Agreement partly clears the way for internet music sales .

Deaf children transformed to "normal children" story:
I suppose it's the sort of thing one might have dreamt of in the pre-computer days, miracle cures for deaf children.

Mon, 8 Oct 2001

Arise Sir BOFH - a classic BOFH.

Ig Nobel awards crop up again.
The Annals of Improbable Research have clickable links to previous winners' works.

Internet merchants being stung by chargebacks from fraudulent credit cards
Ties in with comments on fraud on PayPal

Porn fightback begins,1367,47326,00.html

Everquest character sales,1284,47181,00.html

Wed, 3 Oct 2001

3D Pong versus a somewhat tough computer.

Guide your lamp through the virtual physics obstacle course.

Madonna to present Turner prize is "too perfect" - Rosie waiting for the backlash

Royal Navy welcomes Chinese with Taiwanese flag

Cybersquatter Zuccarini declines to give an address.

The unrepentant venture capitalist

PayPal files for IPO. But who will buy into this credit card fraud haven?
[dead link]

3i's VC approach

Concludes that Google is popular because they are trusted to separate ads from content

Wed, 26 Sept 2001

Windows RG (Really Good) simulator, ideal for those times when Windows is actually working quite well and you want to see what it was like yesterday

no, we're merely "leveraging a portion of our palette":

Japanese in Heidiland
"They get very excited when they see the lake and want to head straight for it - this means there is a whole set of unofficial footpaths across the mountains we call 'Japanese paths'."

A seemingly never ending list of silly molecule names

AOL TW, IDG to Divvy Standardís Assets - The Industry Standard reports on its own sale.,1902,29054,00.html

Ditch Microsoft IIS now, says Gartner

Seneca really shelling out for those Organic shares
Seneca Investments LLC Proposes To Acquire Organic, Inc. - "proposal from Seneca Investments LLC to acquire for $0.33 per share those Organic shares not already owned or under contract to be purchased by Seneca."
[link dead]

Sat, 18 Aug 2001

Cook'd and Bomb'd taken down, but Chris Morris files live on in cyberspace.

Razorfish set for bankruptcy?

"Bad" amongst Diana's possessions, allegedly stolen:
140. Chris de Burgh Flying Colours CD Signed Diana.
141. Michael Jackson Bad CD Signed Diana.
273. One 10" record 'Streisand - Kristofferson A Star is Born' signed Diana Spencer.

Tue, 14 Aug 2001


Fri, 9 Aug 2001

Steve Ballmer, I never knew you had it in you: "Give it up for me!" indeed.

Wed, 25 July 2001 

Star Wars, gangsta rapped.
[dead link] (try Google?)

Google's "Search patterns, trends, and surprises"

Fri, 29 Jun 2001

Microsoft use "Get Out Of Jail Free" card
MS not evil, baby strangling monopoly after all, say judges
"The appeals court today handed Microsoft virtual total victory by tossing out practically all of Judge Jackson's earlier 'guilty as hell, take them out and shoot them,' verdict."

"In a damning indictment of the trial judge, the court said the earlier ruling had been "tainted" by the judge's actions and it rejected his conclusion that the software giant must be broken up."

"but it's far from a sweeping victory for Microsoft, in spite of corporate sound-bites to the contrary...If MS is no browser monopolist, it certainly is an OS monopolist; and its arguments to the contrary are bogus, the court notes"
"We say this contest is far from decided"

Be careful out there.


Genetically modified cat avoids raising allergic response.

Soviet space shuttle to be resurrected

Thu, 21 Jun 2001

Philip Greenspun settles litigation and resigns from Ars Digita board:
Philip takes down his page on litigation, though still has it cached:

It now states that:
"Greenspun has resigned from ArsDigita's Board of Directors and will exercise no ongoing management or stockholder control. The Company and Greenspun have entered into a confidentiality agreement with respect to the terms of the settlement."

Google search results in XML (ooh...aah):

Error 404 for phones?

Wed, 13 Jun 2001

Why you should keep your dev servers secret - from
[dead link]

PDAs becoming cheaper all the time.

Gatchaman/Battle of the Planets History

"12 of the 18 shadow cabinet ministers free to express a preference were committed to Mr Portillo's campaign."
Portillo woos pussycats in seeking the Conservative party leadership.

Mon, 11 Jun 2001

Early Dilbert

East Germany's ghost towns

Japan slump fears grow
"This report suggests, if anything, that we might be hitting the runway with no landing gear."

Tue, 05 Jun 2001

Survey time
Find your religion (mainly for believers)
Find your philosophy.
Confirm your gender (5 pages)

"Infogrames Rocks My World" corporate anthem.

Time to print out your Cobra Mk3?

Emacs tetris mode.
M-x tetris

Smelling the stuff that gets sent into space.

Dot com story #2750

US surfers spend half of their time at just 4 sites.

Tue, 03 Jul 2001

Record jobless total in Japan
"It's almost certain we're in recession right now."

How cool is that?

Computer games doubling up as training tools

Ultima Online
Suffering from many real-world problems, the game claims almost 250,000 users, logging an average of 13 hours per week playing the game.

Choo Choo!

Pensioner makes the QE2 her home

Hobbit name generator

Factual: ITV->ITV1

Tue, 22 May 2001

The Oscar-nominated animation "The Periwig-Maker"
Windows media player direct
[dead link]

String of sites supposedly dating from 2142 created for Steven Spielberg's AI movie, start by searching Google for the character "Jeanine Salla":

Bargain CEOs of failing dotcom companies.

The repo man comes for the cars of the dotcommers.

How a small group of media moralists busted Yahoo -- after years of failing to make a dent anywhere else.

To put the climbdown in perspective, from the NY Times (registration necessary to view full article):
"The novelty of it has not worn off yet" "These companies like AT&T, they're thinking ahead to a time, perhaps in 10 years, when 50 million Americans will have broadband capability" "At home, Americans buy or rent more than $4 billion a year worth of graphic sex videos from retail outlets and spend an additional $800 million on less explicit sexual films" "Though estimates have been greatly inflated by some e-commerce sex merchants, analysts from Forrester Research say that sex sites on the Web generate at least $1 billion a year in revenue"

Liam taking new direction

"use a MOREOVER feed, make your site more attractive to tourists!"

"The truth about what Video Networks thinks about BT?"

Thu, 26 Apr 2001

ArsDigita's co-founder and majority shareholder, Philip Greenspun attempts to "retake" ArsDigita from the VCs.
Philip's version has since been removed, though still has it cached:
Story from the bulletin boards, along with links to fuckedcompany backstabbing, has since been removed, but the version remains:
The ArsDigita boards cover nearly the same ground.

Microsoft spreading fun and love for a fortnight.

American death statistics.
Men six times more likely to be killed by firearms than women.
Men twice as likely to be killed in motor vehicle related accidents than women.
[dead link]

War driving by the Bay

New 1.7GHz Pentium 4 very nearly as good as 1.33GHz AMD offering.

Google's feature creep worries portals
Translations, including to "Bork-Bork-Bork", the language of the Muppet's Swedish chef going well.

Tue, 17 Apr 2001

Google now translates pages
Just change the hl variable when displaying the translated page to translate to German, for example.

Image of The Register April Fools

Neal Patterson, head of the Cerner Corporation in Kansas City, USA, had no idea his private directive to staff would end up being seen by millions of people on the world wide web.

Net name chaos grows

Laddism and the City

Black and White as "Art"

Boo! And the 100 Other Dumbest Moments in e-Business History,2088,11274,00.html

Mr .com: Tomer Krissi becomes Tomer .com

Wireless network surfing:

For those with a strong stomach: Care homes 'should have rooms for sex'

Work visa requests halve amidst dot com dropoff.

Tue, 03 Apr 2001

Barclays' Indigosquare buys Shopsmart

Indigosquare, launched last November, is smaller but has the financial backing of Barclays and the Japanese investment bank Nomura.
Indigosquare agreed to pay £1m in cash and 10% of its shares for its rival. 

The Shopsmart board and key shareholders have already agreed to accept the deal, with remaining shareholders deciding whether to accept within the next 28 days.

American retail giant Wal-Mart and AOL Europe took a combined stake of 22% in Shopsmart only in August, but have quickly agreed to sell out.

Mon, 02 Apr 2001

Founder Mike Magee quits The Register
Now no longer listed amongst the editors
Down but not out, starts up "The Inquirer"

The Register April Fool's sell out to Microsoft.
"Business as usual despite $20m MS makeover" (blue banner with Microsoft flag and Bill's head in place of Vulture is gone for now).

Dot coms in denial "We're not a dot-com",1294,42714,00.html site design and rationale
"Conceive a life-style piece demonstrating the appeal of Jesus as he searches for a special woman to love."

Fri, 30 Mar 2001

3d model of 500 satellites orbiting the earth. Highlight geostationary and low-Earth orbit satellites.

Judge rules in favour of Nuremberg Files Web site
"Nuremburg Files" US Web site, which lists the names and personal details of doctors in the States that carry out abortion, is legal.

"Palmpilot Hollywood":

Airline fined for shredding squirrels (following on from a previous squirrels story)

Nearly one in eight black males aged between 20 and 34 were in prison in America on any given day.

Day trading: Down, but not out

Surveys point to Aussie recession

"Eavesdropping aliens and the industrial archaeologists of the future may well wonder why we built a phased array across the north of England
to beam credit card numbers and digital images of naked ladies into the atmosphere,"
Siemens pulls plug on Net over power cables technology

Mon, 19 Mar 2001

Afghan Buddhas destroyed.

PrintPotato and others walk away from the dot com business.

ICQ logs stolen from's bosses, causing board members to resign.

Dot com public auctions on the up.
"since January 2000, 270 dot.coms have gone belly up. 70% of those failed in the past four months."

The Nikkei, like BBC2, is visiting the 80s again as the stock market dips to prices last seen in 1985.
In Tokyo on Monday stocks plunged 3.6% to their lowest level in 16 years...It was the Nikkei's lowest finish since 23 April 1985, when it closed at 12,124.14.

"during the time leading to a full Moon there is a build up of creative and emotional energy" ...and more people on the phone

Social factors determine your sense of fairness (shame is a good motivator).

Mir's peculiar shape make it difficult to predict exactly where it will land.

Listen to the sound of falling stars, best listened to around dawn in the US

If you can't beat them, join 'em. Intel sponsors The Register's e-business section (no anti-Intel statements there then):

Dilbert dot com

Mon, 26 Feb 2001

Penguin thrown to the lions.

More Penguin news:
Penguin treated for depression
Penguins wobble but they don't fall down
Waddling is not wasteful
Penguin fever grips Taiwan

Risk averse companies back to "buying IBM"

Disillusioned dot-commers slacking

Unsolicited additions to Autistic Skills Guide no longer sought.
[dead link]

Wireless group's jingle.

I Have the Password to Your Shell Account ("I tried your birthday, I tried your mom's first name").

Fri, 16 Feb 2001

Ali G livin' it large with Posh and Becks (or is it just a fake?).

Man who has prolonged arguments with his girlfriend about "The best way to hang up washing" and other, less contentious issues.
(as stolen by the Mail on Sunday

Corporate songland ("KPMG - We're strong as can be")
[dead link]

Orgasms at the push of a button

Web-based MasterMind for those idle moments.

Mon, 05 Feb 2001

"End of the longest economic boom in US history may be in sight."

Fri, 26 Jan 2001

Kyle, the knife-eating puppy:

What's yours called (rude words).
[link dead]

Thu, 18 Jan 2001

Local girl made good.

Read Stringfellow's lap dancer Lucy Carr's life story:
Live your life vicariously through Lucy as she meets famous people, dates Peter, visits exclusive restaurants and has problems with revolving doors.
[dead link]

"A million questions ran through my head - What about traveling, will they really think I'm any good, I'll have to take my mum, London is a million miles away, I've never been to London, how will I get time off work?"

I'm not sure her life-story will last that long on the web. Lifted from

Thu, 18 Jan 2001

California declares state of emergency
The governor of California has announced a state of emergency after power shortages led to a wave of blackouts.

Nudist 'not a public nuisance'

Dotcom value drops 88% in 2000
US dotcoms saw almost 90 per cent wiped off their value last year as investor jitters hit the bubble economy.

First Tuesday going for a song
A cash strapped incubator. A dotcom funding business going for a song. First Tuesday is once again capturing the zeitgeist.

An interesting visual view of UK websites as seen by the Dmoz directory (Active-X).

Tue, 09 Jan 2001

Skywatchers wait for eclipse

Hungary's pop King 'hair stolen'

BT scraps Internet Villain sponsorship - Chief Executive Sir Peter Bonfield now in the running for the award.

Fairy glades of the NSA - the NSA's forest dwelling.
[dead link]

More diversity needed - continuing the search for black people in the campuses of America.
[dead link]

Puzzled about the UK's air power?
The ever-ready "Battle of Britain Memorial Flight" based at RAF Coningsby consists of 1 Lancaster B1, 2 Hurricane MkIIc, 1 Spitfire MkIIA, 1 Spitfire MkIX, 1 Spitfire MkVB, 2 Spitfire MkXIX, 1 Dakota, 2 Chipmunk

"Claudia Schiffer: A major UN asset" - UN goodwill ambassadors all.

Fri, 05 Jan 2001

Thanks to and further antics from beenz I spiral to the dizzying heights of 23 on the top 100:

etoys was easy points, I should have been there in a big way.

The VC boom takes a breather:
"You might be looking at a $20 billion [fourth] quarter rather than a $25 billion quarter," said Heesen. Still, he said., "The numbers are astronomical compared to a few years ago." 
Heesen pointed out that back in 1995, a then astounding $5 billion of private equity was invested in emerging growth companies.,1118,NOCITY_560244,00.html

In October, the BBC reported:
About 400 internet firms are currently listed on US stock markets. The Merrill Lynch analyst predicts that 75% of them will never make money and disappear within five years.

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