Interesting Sites from 2002
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Interesting sites from 2002

Creating Websites
Interesting Sites from 2002
Interesting Sites from 2001
Interesting Sites from 2000
Kefalonia and Ithaca
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
Prefab Sprout
Wedding Planning

Many, many sites, many courtesy of Need to Know, the Register, also Techdirt and the Arts and Letters Daily.

Archive of interesting sites from the year 2002 in descending date order.

Highlight: A section on Red Hat's purchase of Ars Digita's assets.

Tues 31 Dec 2002

Sending odd items by post experiment.

Football keepy-uppy game (taken down for exceeding bandwidth?)

Cool skateboarders answer back

Sun 1 Dec 2002

Random personal pictures from across the web - the mundane nature of people's lives laid bare

Local airport delivers boxes of bounty to charity store - items taken from passengers boarding planes
[dead link]

Mon 4 Nov 2002

Referral spam, as seen in my logs,1284,56017,00.html

"So many people are dependent on Google's free editorial traffic that it's like food out of their mouths to lose ranking," - Google changes prompt complaints from their dependents.

Blow up tank blown away by winds

Inflatable hamburger blown onto trainlines

How IBM caught Oracle in the database market - triumphalist IBM PR,1643,43542,FF.html

Fri 25 Oct 2002

Cisco decides on software company rather than a fan for their new offices.
Cisco buy Psionic for IDS skills
"Cisco will exchange common stock worth $12 for all outstanding shares and options of Psionic."

Sodium party man throws chunks of sodium into water for fun

[dead link] meets [dead link] on flight to moon

The Register's last year's April the first makeover archive  

And why not?

[dead link]

Sun 22 Sept 2002

Marty the dot-com liquidator doing well, on track for 100 liquidations this year.

Why not support NTK (Need to Know)?

Thu 12 Sept 2002

Poor choice of name thankfully no longer imminent

Something for the internet marketeers: Commission Junction talk about their 30% commission.
"Forget banner ads," Ms Iapino says. "The best performing ads are always simple text links."

A 78 year-old woman talks about her sex life.

Pretty Internet Traffic Report Graphs (is Asia on red right now?)

Eve's archive of Ars Digita documents

Mon 26 Aug 2002

The Wayback machine's archives of go back only to Oct 2000 (I have copies back to 31 Jan 2000).*/

Sat 17 Aug 2002

Smooth-talking American Gulf-war veteran charms six friends online, persuading one to leave her husband for him.

Company not offering me job has a hard time
All but 16-20 go at -
"Independent", "not mired in newsprint" were words I heard when I went for an interview with the company. My interviewer complained that the system was creaky when under load. Site looks to be down after the news story breaks.

F***edCompany's longest threads

Fri 12 July 2002

How popular is this site?

Pretty browser of related URLs

Tue 2 July 2002

Columbia's drug barons into IT, submarines and murdering informants.,1643,41206,FF.html

Top 50 IRC quotes

Anna Kournikova's post-Wimbledon BBC interview:

South Korea beat Italy in the world cup. "I have no intention of paying a salary to someone who has ruined Italian soccer." says the manager of Perugia, Italy, not renewing the contract of the Korean who scored the winning goal.

US army creates free net-based multi-player computer army simulation to attract new recruits.

Sun, 23 June 2002

My friend Darren's extensive site including a brief travelogue and large collection of photographs he took whilst in the USA

Sun, 9 June 2002

Multimap overviews of UK MoD/listening establishments (some taken from Need to Know)

Firstly Menwith Hill listening station

Morwenstowe, Cornwall NSA monitoring station
See also Echelon (

Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Establishment

Flyingdales Early Warning System


An hour of looking brought me:

Jodrell Bank not quite as sizeable as I had thought

Sizewell (note conveniently situated campsite)


Hinkley Point

Vauxhall Cross


Bye (not that I ever visited you),7496,725672,00.html

Sun, 19 May 2002

Bottom dropped out of web designer job market?

Tom covers all 3D graphics cards since the TNT 2, how much faster would your games run with a new card?  

Wed, 24 April 2002

PayPal not all that secure?,1367,51977,00.html

Come again?

Mon, 22 April 2002

Internet web agency Razorfish in shock "Making money" revelation
[link dead]

Fri, 5 April 2002

Ah, that sweet two-headed snake.

Celine Dion's music drives computers over the edge

Adverts to "enhance" your browser's toolbar

Web matures, fun harder to find [registration required]

With 32 "beverage occasions" per day, Coke tries hard to fill them all [registration required]

Fri, 22 March 2002

Waxwork programmer wanted?
"Must have 3yrs+ of solid C++ development, a good Degree and not have moved around too much."

How sweet


Corporation covers amusing corporate anthems, blog pastime acquired by mass media.
[dead link]

The Great Google Xenu Debacle (wrapped up succinctly)
Scientology seems distinctly amusing from my perspective
Secrets of Scientology
Xenu, "The head of the Galactic Confederation", hmm

Town/Region gets new Vodafone store (according to company template).

Thu, 21 March 2002

The end of free (services on the internet). It seems that everyone wants their site to pay its way.

Wed, 13 March 2002

Red Hat speaks about Ars Digita deal.
Public resources and bulletin boards are safe, but ACS (the free software they develop) licensing and development are under review.

Tue, 5 March 2002

Puzzled over Panasonic's Hi-Ho? Maybe this'll explain it to you.
[dead link]

Slashdot to start premium service

Sat, 23 Feb 2002

Meme recognition tests

Burning man can-can

"The world of the laid-off techie" speaks volumes for the emasculated

Red Hat's purchase of Ars Digita confirmed by VCs Greylock

Thu, 14 Feb 2002

Miscellaneous Ars Digita farewells

Another mirror of the litigation page

Mon, 11 Feb 2002

Eve's Diary of a Start-Up, puts Philip's pay-off from Ars Digita at $7.6m and bitches about VCs and Michael Yoon (
[dead link]
Tells how she was accidentally sent details of employees to made redundant [dead link]

Slashdot's discussion of Eve's diary

Another mirror of the litigation page

Fri, 8 Feb 2002

Ars Digita's closing is covered by slashdot

Mass High Tech confirms Ars Digita shutdown

Pics from Ars Digita
[dead link]

Seems to be a good time to point out the litigation archives:
Philip's version of the litigation:
Story from the bulletin boards:

Thu, 7 Feb 2002

Ars Digita sold to Red Hat?
Super bitter comments from ex-employees and never-employees.
[dead link]
From page 13 onwards the never-employees start to dwindle and the discussion becomes dominated by Ars Digita memories.

Pretty much confirmed by comments on this board

Philip Greenspun denies prior knowledge of purchase/layoffs

Eve Anderson, ex-girlfriend of Philip, speaks, countering earlier bitter comments about her (see the main thread)
[dead link]
All in all, a real ex-arsdigita get-together.

Tue, 29 Jan 2002

Independent women speak highly of Alf Garnet

Probably also useful for web designers/developers whose sites have been superceded/dotgone and yet still want a portfolio of their sites.

Mon, 21 Jan 2002 caches since removed Ars Digita litigation story (see April 2001)

Gnutella's architecture savaged by Napster author

Borland history part 2 (read part 1, below, Tue, 15 Jan 2002 first)

Tue, 15 Jan 2002

Well-paid social workers earn £28 per annum.

For those that know something of the software company Borland's history

Mon, 7 Jan 2002

Arts and Letters Daily ( brings us:
B-52s to be in use for 80 years
English benefits from a free-trade in words
Presents are best bought with thought

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