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UK sites comparing travel (flights, hotels, car hire and holidays) and sites offering travel insurance, currency and traveller's cheques.

  • UK Travel Comparisons - flight, hotel, car hire and holiday comparisons, also allows flight with car hire comparisons.
    links to Ebookers, Expedia, Holiday Autos, Opodo and Lastminute on this page include advert links - flight, hotel and car hire comparisons. - comparisons of flight, hotel and car hire. - flight comparisons. - flight, hotel and car comparisons. - includes a sophisticated Eurostar break and hotel finder.
    Priceline UK - users can make offers on flights, hotels and car hire. Having found the flight or hotel the user desires, the user can then make an offer on the site which can then be accepted or declined by the site's airline, hotel and car hire partners. - comparisons of flights, car hire and holidays - the Guardian's Sept 2005 flight comparison favourite. - comparisons of hotels, flights and car hire. - comparisons of hotels, flights and car hire. - flights, hotels and car hire comparison. - flight comparisons - flight comparisons - flight comparisons - flight comparisons - hotel comparisons


  • Car Hire - car hire comparisons (part of - car hire comparison

    You may save some money by booking your car hire separately from your flight.

    The international price comparison page lists more international travel comparison sites. US sites can be very useful when booking US hotels.


  • See the financial price comparison page for more travel insurance comparison sites
  • Cheapest Travel Insurance has very good travel insurance comparisons - just don't forget the Which? minimums mentioned in this Guardian article the (£2m treatment, £1m liability cover etc.).


  • Travel Currency allows you to order currency in advance commission free and with a guaranteed best rate.  You can pick your currency and traveller's cheques up from most major air terminals.

    International currency exchange is an alternative that can sent currency and traveller's cheques by post to you.  They also offer pick-up points at some rail terminals and airports.

    Other reasonable providers include: - their larger branches offer currency at 0% commission. - again, the larger branches offer currency over the counter.

    Some credit cards (such as the Nationwide) offer cheaper purchases. has advice on travel currency, travel insurance and bargaining with travel companies.

International travel comparison sites are listed on the US/International price comparison page.

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